Wedding Music

We can offer you a choice of music which you can have playing as you enter the marriage room and possibly after the marriage ceremony has taken place.

If you have your own special piece of music which you would like played, please provide it on compact disc.
Choosing which music to have played at your ceremony is very much to do with personal taste.

  • You may want a piece of classical music or you may prefer something contemporary.

  • You may also wish to consider a more traditional approach and have a piper to pipe the bride down the aisle.

When choosing your wedding music, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Most likely your guests will be of a variety of ages, and you may wish the music playing to reflect the different tastes that can complement a variety of time periods.

It’s always wise if you are playing a song from a CD, to read the lyrics and listen to a few tracks to ensure that it is appropriate for the occasion before you make your final decision as to what to have on your wedding day.

Please ask your registrar for details.